Finwest Wealth Management provides high-quality financial advice to all our clients.

To help us provide this high level of service, we take the time to get to know our clients. The first step is to understand your goals, aspirations and current financial situation. If you are seeking limited financial advice on a single issue, we’ll ask just as much as is necessary to fulfil your objectives. However, if you want a detailed financial plan, we’ll conduct a more in-depth analysis of your financial goals, attitude to risk and present financial position – including your income, assets, investments and liabilities.
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Before undertaking any work, we will clearly explain the various steps involved in the financial planning process, as well as our fees and charges. We’ll also take the time to answer all your questions. If you are happy to proceed, we will then begin working on a plan for you.

If part of our advice involves recommending certain products, we will set out in writing our reasons for suggesting those products so you can ensure you are happy with our recommendations before proceeding.

We can also provide you with contact details for some of our existing clients (with their permission). You can speak with them to find out more about how we work and what their experience with us has been like.
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Secure your financial future

Our firm is dedicated to helping you achieve financial wellbeing throughout the chapters of your life. Our tailored financial planning solutions are designed to empower you to write the story of your life with confidence and security.
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